in team the objectives are achieved

It was an opportunity to learn, to achieve new challenges, never leaving the fear to continue learning, learn new activities and processes, also because the working environment is good.


Multifunctional Operator Mexico

Which is your role in Elica Group ?
The position that I performance is in the pre-assembly area ?which consists in realize some product´s assemble taking into account the accepted target with zero defects, not only the final possible maximum result.

What is the added value that you contribute with your activity to Elica Group?
Producing good parts at the first time, working together to achieve new goals of quality and customer satisfaction.

In which value or commandment of the company do you most identify?
I identify with the commandment “Create self-managed teams for solving problems” When we were in the assembly line we made the Kaizen week to implement the 5's, each step by step, we select, we classify the materials, a place for everything and everything in its place, making improvements, always bearing in mind that a team is better, and thus achieve the goal of reducing time and increasing efficiency. It was fun because we all contribute with ideas to avoid waste and to have a better and cleaner place.

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Forklift Operator

For being an innovative company, I feel it will be a very important experience in terms of personal knowledge.


Quality auditor

Be helpful. I like helping people and if it isn´t enough I found who can do it.


Poznaj naszą historię: od założenia w roku 1970 przez Ermanno Casoliego, aż do chwili obecnej. Poznaj w jaki sposób Elica stała się jednym z liderów w tym sektorze.




Świadomi tego, że „osiągnięcie doskonałości” nie jest możliwe, jeśli nie żyje się w potencjalnie idealnym miejscu pracy, opracowaliśmy program Elica Life.




Nie zapominając nigdy o własnych korzeniach, nasza Grupa promuje rozwój kultury przedsiębiorstwa stający się coraz bardziej „glocal” (think global, act local).