approachable AND ready TO HELP OTHERS!

I decided to work in Elica because it is a company that places a lot of emphasis on a person's “sense of belonging”, not to an abstract entity but to a “family”.


Job Analysis Manager ITALIA

Which is your role in Elica Group?
My professional role in Elica is to ensure optimization in work flows through ongoing analysis of the production process and measuring and improving industrial performance through efficient work allocation and balancing.

What is the main added value that your work brings to the Elica Group?
The main objective of my work in Elica is to contribute towards making the company more competitive so that it can respond to market needs in line with the required times and procedures.

Which of the company values or commandments do you most identify yourself with?
I would certainly say that “Be curious and never stop learning” is very close to the way I work and every day it encourages me to progress and develop professionally. Every opportunity can become an opportunity for learning something new. You can learn something useful and new from anyone. The important thing is to show respect for people. When I joined Elica, I didn't want to change the customs and modus operandi of my staff. I watched with curiosity and asked hundreds of questions. Now, after 2 years, I can say that my curiosity has helped me and my assistants to develop in both human and professional terms, and has allowed me to gain the trust of the people I work with.

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Elica is a company that operates in the area where I was born and bred and where I still live; it is highly demanding, dynamic and made of People


Electrics & Electronics Manager

Knowing that I can make my own contribution towards the success of a leading company, whose aim is to remain such through constant expansion and ongoing improvement.


Descubre nuestra historia: desde la fundación por iniciativa de Ermanno Casoli en 1970 hasta hoy. Descubre cómo Elica se ha convertido en líder del sector.




Sabemos que la excelencia sólo se puede construir en un lugar de trabajo excelente. Por eso hemos realizado el programa Elica Life.




Sin olvidar sus raíces, nuestro Grupo promueve el desarrollo de una cultura de empresa cada vez más "glocal" (think global, act local).