Working here I have a unique opportunity to develop my decision-making skills in a very dynamic environment of materials management - this is really rewarding. I am also a very creative person so I can implement my ideas at work. What helps me very much is great atmosphere in the whole company – among my colleagues and top management!


Logistics Specialist POLAND

Which is your role in Elica Group?
Initially, I was organizing deliveries of materials from Elica Italy to our production lines in Poland. From the very beginning what surprised me in a positive way, was very informal work style and no bureaucracy at all. Later on, I was in charge of contacting with the external suppliers and organizing deliveries of material from EGP to our Elica plants in Italy. After few years I started to train new employees from materials management team.
Thanks to my former activities, I had the possibility to compare work in Elica Group Poland with Elica Italy - that was great experience to work with people of different nations and cultures but in the same Elica!

Which is the main surplus value that your activity offers to Elica Group?
I really enjoy training new employees in the materials management team (with a great success!), developing inter-company relations and bringing innovation to our department.

In which company value or commandment do you recognise yourself the most?
Communicate, communicate, communicate. To listen and respect conversation rules is the base of work in team and cooperation between departments.Even if every department does perfect job but there is no communication at all between different departments, the company is unable to produce not even one finished product! Communication is a verbal kind of helping.
Employ and communicate total energy. Only fully-involved employees can become the real masters. Only deep involvement is a source of success and sometimes miracles in every days' job. Partly effort and partly involvement is a feature of good workers but never the leaders.

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HR Plant Assistant

I believe in this Company. I like the management and the policies they have implemented. I believe in what I do and this helps me in my dealings with people

Yarim Jesús Enrique

Tecnico en inyeccion plastica

Es una biena empresa, tiene buena estabilidad hay buen ambiente de trabajo y me proporciona las prestaciones según mi formo de vida economica.


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