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A really big asset of the company is a fantastic, friendly team.

There are no barriers in communication at any level of the organizational structure. This has a positive influence on the atmosphere because you come to work with a huge will and motivation to act. Good communication is very important to me - it makes easier to cooperate between departments. Joint actions can trigger creativity, which is crucial in a work of Process Engineer. What is more, without an aim orientation, we would not be able to finish any of our tasks.


WCM Coordinator Degree in Mechanical Engineering at “Università di Wroclaw”

Which is your role in Elica Group?
I joined EGP as a trainee in the hoods production department. Right after finishing the internship I received an offer to continue my work in the company as a Cost Deployment Assistant. Working in this position helped me to prepare to my future role – Process Engineer. Now I am responsible for the implementation of World Class Manufacturing tools. I am also the leader of Focus Improvement pillar, which allows me to have real influence on changes in the company.

Which is the main surplus value that your activity offers to Elica Group?
Work in Elica is based on a continuous change. I am satisfied when I can shape changes according to my will and when I see positive effects of it.

In which company value or commandment do you recognise yourself the most?
Identify new objectives and achieve them. Both my tasks in Focus Improvement pillar and within the job of Process Engineer require from me continuous targeting of new goals and their implementation against all odds. But when I finally manage to finish the task, satisfaction is incredible!
Don’t make the company too complicated – keep it simple, smart. Big changes within a company require clever solutions and innovations at work, according to the rule ‘keep it simple, keep it smart’.

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