Acutely aware that you cannot “produce excellence” if you do not live in an excellent workplace, we have created the Elica Life programme for the well-being of our employees. The objective of the programme is to provide our employees with a series of services, that are in line with the needs that have emerged over time in order to improve one's lifestyle, creating a direct contact that lies outside one's simple professional existence.
Those who work with us are taken into consideration “in every way” so as to safeguard their life inside and outside the company. We are committed to encouraging the development of tools and actions geared to achieving well-being as a condition to aim towards, both at work and private life and as a philosophy of life.

Our Group has signed the Equal Opportunities and Employment Equality Charter so as to contribute towards the spread of a business culture and inclusive human-resource policies, that are free from discrimination and prejudice and capable of making the most of all manner of talents.


In Elica we talk about “people design” to relate the approach that the company uses towards its employees, because joining our organisation means setting out on a journey of growth consisting of training, development and free expression of good ideas, so as to make the most of each person's potential and build the conditions required for success throughout the organisation. Our attention towards those who work with us is also shown in the desire we have to pursue “organisational well-being” by ensuring better conditions through an approach based on listening and the constructive exchange of views. Based on this view and thanks to the innovative way of thinking of our HR Director, in 2008 we signed the Elica Employment Agreement which for the first time in Italy included a Welfare System in an In-house Employment Agreement. This important agreement meets our firm conviction that people need to be at the heart of company policy, as a fundamental factor in growth and competitiveness and it concretely expresses our philosophy regarding management of human resources.



It is the in-house staff training project created and managed by the Fondazione Ermanno Casoli which uses contemporary art as a lever towards openings and innovation. Contemporary art, which proposes an unconventional approach to problems, offers people a healthy and continuous exchange of perspectives, which is so important today in organisations increasingly called upon to resolve and propose innovative situations.

Fondazione Ermanno Casoli
FEC è la Fondazione con cui Elica sperimenta progetti che fanno compxunicare arte e industria.



This is the training programme dedicated to the children of Elica employees, aged 6-10. Organised in cooperation with the Fondazione Ermanno Casoli, the initiative brings contemporary art into the world of the company and allows children to take part in a creative activity under the guidance of internationally-famous artists.

Fondazione Ermanno Casoli
EC is the Foundation with which Elica tries out projects that bring art into communication industry.



International-scale development from the previous Italian experience called “Elica I AM”, this is a project dedicated to the children of Elica employees aged 11-17 in Italy, Poland and Russia, who can take part together in an inter-cultural study-holiday. WE ARE develops in line with the growth of the Group with a view to internationalising and providing cultural integration with the aim of broadening the adolescents' vision of such themes. A real, effective journey in development, geared towards English learning and personal enrichment which comes from exchanging views and cultures in day-to-day contact with young people from different nationalities.



For all the employees based in Italy, Poland and Mexico. The card provides access to a number of favourably-priced services (health, advisory services, shopping discounts, bookshops, etc.) helping to increase the purchasing power of our workers.



This is the company's gymnasium opened in 2010 to promote the well-being of those in the company. By looking after your body, you also achieve mental and social well-being.


The Declaration of Values represents the point of reference for all our activities:

  • Love our customers and serve them with passion
  • Think innovatively
  • Facilitate the involvement of anyone in your work
  • Enjoy and transfer total energy
  • Set yourself new targets all the time and go for it
  • Be curious and never stop learning
  • Have the desire to win
  • See change as an opportunity
  • Fight hard to cut costs and make your work easier


Francesco Casoli, the Executive Chairman of Elica Group, has translated the standards the Group aspires to, into 10 commandments:

  1. Manage people so that they can manage things
  2. Delegate, delegate, delegate
  3. Work according to objectives
  4. Persevere, persevere, persevere
  5. Reward those who run risks and take responsibility
  6. Sponsor teams that manage themselves in finding solutions to problems
  7. Aim towards the impossible
  8. Break down the walls of a bureaucratic mentality
  9. Communicate, communicate, communicate
  10. Do not make the company too complex