We are currently in the process of recruiting a candidate to cover a position of Testing & Laboratory Technician.

Carry out testing activities respecting the guidelines established by the function.


• Define details, test sequences and testing procedures, the equipment and instrumentation to be used, with reference to the applicable standards
• Prepare the necessary test set-up, the required measure instruments, connect the device under test on the testing area and execute tests;
• Analyse the tests results according to the applicable standard for checking the compliance of the product tested;
• Elaborate the testing reports;
• Elaborate the components list (BOM) according to internal strategy and guidelines;
• Propose improvements in the existing test technique and support Innovation Directions according to global strategy & objectives;
•  Analyse data and samples coming from the market, identifying root cause of quality issues;
•  Support samples preparation with manual operations.


- At least High School or Bachelor’s Degree in an Electrical or Mechatronics field
- At least 3 years of experience in a similar role
- Fluent in written and spoken English
- Analytical skills and interpretation of results
- Good manual skills
- Good knowledge of programming
- Good knowledge of Office Suite
- Proactivity
- Problem solving skills
- Systematic approach
- Strong communication skills

The workplace is Castelfidardo (AN).
Valid until 28.11.2021
ELICA FIME - Castelfidardo (ITALIA)
Industrial Operation