We are looking for people who are open to ideas and challenges. People we can establish new relationships with to talk on the same wavelength and share the same vision, the same philosophy and the same way of thinking. Before we look at their expertise and their know-how, it is important for us in the Elica Group to choose people with the right approach to work: have a desire to grow, be ready to adapt and to listen, seek personal development, know how to share views and have an international vision. These are the primary conditions if you want to join our organisation

We select candidates through individual and/or group tests and interviews with members from our Human Resources Dept. and other Department Heads.
We are convinced that traineeships provide the best channel of entry: they allow people to prove themselves on specific projects, experimenting their attitudes and passions in the field with the continuous support of in-house tutors.
There are a number of rich and varied professional pathways within an environment in continual evolution and strongly geared towards development. Ongoing investments in training and tutoring ensure personal and professional development.
How to apply
Register yourself and fill in your profile with the required information; Participate in our projects organised with Universities and Research Centres; Take part in our Job Meetings


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