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Working in such a large family that it embraces the whole world.


(Testing & Reliability Manager, )

Which is your role in Elica Group?
I am the manager and supervisor of the tests conducted by Elica Techlab (www.elicatechlab.com). This Accredia accredited laboratory performs electrical safety tests and household appliance performance tests. My work starts with defining the qualification procedure for each finished product, material or component used within Elica Group companies or by our external customers and is completed with the revision of all the relevant results and the approval of the test plan. The testing activities include certification on safety, performance, energy consumption, electromagnetic compatibility and durability of the product, in order to guarantee the high levels of quality and safety that distinguish products made by the Elica Group and by any other manufacturers which use the Elica TechLab

What is the main added value that your work brings to the Elica Group?
Support regarding standards and certification of product characteristics and their useful life.

Which of the company values or commandments do you most identify yourself with?
HSet yourself new targets all the time and go for it.

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Descubre nuestra historia: desde la fundación por iniciativa de Ermanno Casoli en 1970 hasta hoy. Descubre cómo Elica se ha convertido en líder del sector.




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Sin olvidar sus raíces, nuestro Grupo promueve el desarrollo de una cultura de empresa cada vez más "glocal" (think global, act local).